High Time with Jaya Ramulu Lingutla

Concept, connectivity, content, commute communicator

Since there is no planet B available, everybody has to move to save our planet A, by following the UN framework and request every national community involvement in bringing the UN Vision 2045 and to bring the secured law for the implementation of outcomes of the Vision. But no doubt every nation/member state is trying, and putting the high efforts to implement the thought process of the United Nations but somewhere many of them are behind. Most of them feel strongly that the implementation is not taking place in the right direction. One should understand that simply laying roads is not development, constructing the building is not a development, innovative and startup companies is not a development but do agree all of them are development process, whether the process of the development activity is following the meaning of the definition of green economy. There are many buzz words such as sustainable developments, green, energy, a Sapling of the trees etc the system behind these buzz words is to be promoted educated and execution at all levels rather than to run after the more profits, simply talking about the number game. One among our UNA Mission group is the people voice of the United Nations Association of AP and Telangana, APUNA which is uniquely positioned among UNA’s of the world in catching up the hights of the accomplishments, standing as a UNEP member organization along with special accreditation from the UN General assembly NewYork stockholm50, The specialized agencies of the United Nations and intergovernmental organizations action-oriented programming will be delivered and addressed, focussed on their offices framework with a  fine-tune activities for implementing at ground levels.


The concept of the high time is derived from #UNA Mission group, corridors of Asia, Europe, and Africa shall be Enlighted by the different continental team of experts who will be bringing the actual information to support the methodology scientific paper under #Mahanandi (Great Bull) Declaration.


The connectivity plays vital role while discussing with education, institutions, and public sector units to draw a line of thought on respective domains to introduce the action-oriented programming while sharing from the different multilateral platforms of the conference of parties


The 24 streams of content shall be published from the different domains dedicated to academic professionals, scholars, and diplomats to arrive the better policies while sharing the knowledge between the nations, sub nations regions, and sub-regions. This content will be archived from the Author & Co-author at the intergovernmental body while providing the Author & Co-Author along with ISBN.

Commute communicator

We are specialized in communicating at all levels of the ground about the systematic scientific methodology approach where one can understand on dos & donts while communicating at the ground to serve the community by following the commute communicator sequences

Community capacities

The improvement of the community capacity shall be addressed at all our designed corridors to exchange the views of different cultures, sustainable development thought processes, and implementation of political system on every stream to reach/improve the happy index on the commonalities in the interest of the globe.

Collectively climate changes concerned:

Our group of UNA Today global voice proposes to move collectively while raising the global voice on the pressing issues concerned data. Our group has given a big thought to move massively stating that it is a high time to understand the concern on climate change.