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Outreaching the Global goals for the human well-being through different domain sectors.

All PSUs

We will be moving to all PSUs (Public sector Units) to enlighten SDGs and recording the research outcomes through documentary before, during and after following SDGs with the permission of respective offices.
Our different domain experts along with knowledge partners will be reaching to all state and central bodies to find the best practices if the respective bodies are following SDGs. The benefits of best practices will be documented to showcase before UN member states. All the documents will be published in “PEOPLE AND UN” with the permission of respective bodies.
Coordination centres will be located at Law colleges as nodal centres in outreaching Law related Global Goals. Our Law experts will focus ICJ (International Court of Justice) matters with the permissions from IFUNA and Ministry of External Affairs.
The best practices/latest matters of multilateral and their related agencies will be identified/noted through round table discussions for promotion. Our different domain experts maintain good relations to work together and learn best practices in All UN bodies, International Agencies many embassies in India with the permission of IFUNA & UNIC Delhi.
Our coordinators will be educating to all communities/civil societies from private agencies/institutions. Youth unique activities will be promoting for their extra career activity and to make them world leader.
The charter of UN Women will be prepared for the national women committee with the permission of UN Women and IFUNA. Outreaching the message of UN Global goals from Women Degree colleges as nodal centre.

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