Declaration with Scientific Methodology approach

#Mahanandi (Great Bull) Declarations

Declaration with State, Central, Inter Governmental, Parliamentarian, Faith Community, Media and Private Community


Now the time is with passionate and empathetic persons are required or otherwise need to build up the situation in line with UN and agencies like IUCN etc Hence these types of declarations are required Why and how, where to utilise for the good happenings shall play vital role Every person is interested to support the Nature But many of the authorities might be busy but requested to sphere sometime in the interest of the globe.

That’s where the UNA Mission is bringing on fivefold methodology that is land scape, Sea scape, Hill scape Beneath the earth and space science that how the things are going it up to develop. For the right direction development Simply laying the roads, and constructing the buildings, talking about the industry is not development One need to move further and together with others on the caption

That our aspirations your support to talk about the reality for understanding that how we move on the do’s and don’ts that’s where we are with the declarations in the name of Great Bull Mahanandi declaration with our observations moving with difficulty caption brought with the solution the going gets tough but the tough get going in this we are coming out on three points.

One is  think globally Act locally and care mother earth carefully

Second is come what may we move massively in encouraging and constructing the treasure of knowledge from our UNA Varsity

Third is we want support from the state, central and intergovernmental organization’s is very important that how the action oriented programming is required in line with UN and other related specialized agencies

When we compare all the above that one shall carry the actual situation for the coming generations and in reserving the resources is important

That’s why we, the different domain expertise team of experts, diplomatic positions, professional scholars scientists and researchers along with  all the communities including faith community based and new media like UNA today for better tomorrow mainly the centre for green Economy (CGE) is the treasure of knowledge sharing along with the intergovernmental organization ICSTI Moscow Russia union of 22 and 12 partner countries is also supported with cross learning from us and from them acted very robust level in bringing the Mahanandi great bull declaration scientific methodology research paper, where we can submit at the respective platforms

Here is the mainly our designed 24 streams are connected with the dedicated team of respective expertise involved and working from the corridors of three continents Of Asia Pacific research station Mahanandi Kurnool Andhra Pradesh India, Kenya County Africa, and Europe corridors


From these corridors will have exchange of maters on 24 streams with inclusiveness of SDGs of Pre and pro research with UN visionary of 2045 and it’s beyond the main thought of unique approach shall be established with cross country research paper shall be highlighted in the declarations need to be established at respective bodies at every conference of parties and meetings without fail. This is the permanent representative to get the declaration in the name of Great Bull Mahanandi

The great bull is connected to the land and how the land is re connected to the health of human being and globe of the mother earth the mother earth is connected to the above said five elements and one has to come forward to care mother earth carefully hence our declaration definitely stands first for Implementation of above form parliamentary respective member states

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Great Bull declarations from the 24 streams documentary for UN visionary 2045 and its beyond

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