Strong together- build the nations for the community with outcomes of Mahanandi (Great Bull) Declaration

Unique Scientific Declaration

#Mahanandi ( Great Bull) Declrataion

Declared to go with #Mahanandi Declaration

Dialogues has been initiated for the past 5 years from local to global stake holders with a caption ‘ Strong Together- Build The Nations through scientific methodology ’ In line with UN framework

The Mahanandi declaration throws light on the tremendous thought processes of Literature and treasure of knowledge in-line with United Nations and beyond 2045 Vision to shape better policies for better life of human well-being. Further, this declaration shall be documented with scientific methodology which is evident through papers in different streams with cross country research analysis on a comparison of resource content while executing at our upcoming / ongoing corridor projects of Asia Pacific research station Mahanandi, Africa and Europe. Many conventions and declarations like Geneva etc. are established by our member states, but this content shall show case activities in line with focus on the future. Finally, this document shall remain before member states as commute communicater on the commonalities in the larger interest of the globe.

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Great Bull declarations from the 24 streams documentary for UN visionary 2045 and its beyond

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