UNA Mission and NMDC - Beneath Earth: Updated at New York UNEP at their direction to publish on global platforms

Happy to pen my experience and journey with Beneath Earth Mining leaders for over 5 years and counting. Its enriching experience with a strong bonding since July, 2017 and the thought process for serving the community evolved.

The Eco-Friendly mining inspired group to Label NMDC as “Mother Unit of India under Beneath Earth” and submitted to Stock Home 50 to take to Publication worldwide. 

UNA AP&T and it’s Mission is uniquely placed in reaching position special accreditation from UN General Assembly Stock Holm 50 and shared identified opportunity of utilizing the waste from iron ore and the project labeled “Waste to Wealth” which conceptualized during the journey and an opportunity to improve the Environment and in turn benefiting the community.  As part of the initiative the various products are being suggested by NMDC R&D scientist, which is commendable. Central Government organizations / institutions will be  evaluated before nailing it down to research entities for these products to test and certify.  After developing the building materials from IRON Ore mines waste as per BSI norms, it is further taken it to next phase.

Management - NMDC

NMDC CMD - 2017
NMDC Director, 2017
CMD - Letter on UN Education. Sep 2021
GM, NMDC R&D, Centre - world environment day, 2021
Director NMDC, December 2021
at IMMT visit , 2021

The Dantewada district authorities would be part of the project to source required Land and local support to step in to production, while the deserving below poverty line community would be identified to provide an individual house for each family for FREE of cost and maintained for 7 years to ensure. It would open Employment for localities along with UN Vision Education for in and around Dantewada population.

UNA AP&T would play vital and leading role in bridging gap in terms of Technology Support, Enhance and further opportunities by all means. Execution of the project to arrive in shaping better policies for adopting the same worldwide will be contributed.  Also State, Central and Inter-government will be brought to one platform and ensure the implementation done flawless and “NATIONALIZE” the project.

The Dantewada District Authorities

With Dantewada superintendent of police, Dec'2021
Appraised Waste to wealth project progress to Shri Deepak Soni, IAS, Collector Dantewada, District
Initiated world heritage on Danteshwari temple